Autumn Pork Roast

I freaking love pork tenderloin. Especially the pre-marinated easy peasy ones. Tonight I tried something different, inspired by what was left in my produce bowl on the counter. One lonely sweet potato and an apple. How poetic that they be joined in holy roastimony. It couldn’t get any simpler. I cored and chopped the apple, peeled and chopped the sweet potato, and placed them around the pork loin in a foil lined pan. I drizzled them with olive oil, salt, pepper and a touch of cinnamon. I covered the whole pan with tight foil, and baked at 400°f for 45 minutes. And voila! A dinner that was complete and cooked itself. Crazy easy and crazy flavorful. Not to mention healthy! Let me know what you think!

pork tenderloin logo


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