Williams-Sonoma Virginity

My best friend is going to Hawaii. Lucky bitch. Just kidding, she has really earned it. She is an incredibly talented entrepreneur. Non the less, I am super jealous. So to help me cope, we went on a girls shopping trip for the required tropical wardrobe. This was of course, loads of fun including too many margaritas and copious amounts of desserts. The crazy over priced, yet beautiful shopping center we went to had lots of wonderful shops and boutiques. While walking around I managed to balance my ‘kid in a candy store face’, with my ‘I’m to f**king broke to buy anything’ pout. I was on the brink of temper tantrum when we walked past a Williams-Sonoma. I couldn’t believe it. I had seen this place on numerous Pinterest posts, and heard of the marvelous treasures that they sold. I know this is probably a place many people buy items for their home, or even have the pleasure of registering for their wedding, but where I come from, Target is an hour away oasis that is frequently likened to a “special treat”. Needless to say, I had gone from kid in a candy store to Dorthy in Oz.

I gasped at colorful Kitchenaid Mixers, I gawked at wooden and silicone kitchen utensils in every shape and variation. I almost cried when I saw the Easter Bunny China display table. This place was everything I dreamed and more. Then I remembered my strict budget. The sales boy must have noticed me praying before looking hopefully into my purse, only to find that no extra cash had magically appeared, when he took me by the arm to the clearance table.

He started to explain that the store had been poorly managed, which had resulted in an unheard of 50% off lowest price sale. This returned a smile to my face, as I started to dig. Most things were still out of my price range, but after digging, and tearing apart the linens, I was able to find a 4 piece set of place mats and linen cocktail napkins. Thrilled with my selection, I rushed them to the register, throwing my olive green kitchen color scheme to the wind. I would use these no matter what, because the came from a heaven called, Williams-Sonoma.

Best $20 I’ve ever spent. And I realize this entire post is about the joy cloth napkins brought me. I really should get out more.

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