Being stuck at home with this snow storm definitely has its perks. One being that instead of spending an hour driving to work, I have an extra hour to spend making breakfast before I commute to the kitchen table to work from home. Today my princess woke up with pancakes on her mind. I really only make them for her, since my husband and I are more biscuit and egg people. But today I gave in, and even made some for myself.

But what I like on my pancakes, is butter(of course) and molasses.

I grew up with a few horses, and early morning feeds included sucking the molasses off the grain. That smell is a direct line to the dusty barn in the back of my brain where I spent so much time talking to my animal friends. Just call me Fern, pot bellied pig and all.

But molasses isn’t something I see very often outside my own kitchen and I think its a damn shame.

So next time you have a few extra dollars, invest in some good ole’ molasses. Its great in baking and toppings, I’ve even subbed it into my at home Chinese when I was out of brown sugar(delicious!).

Molasses covered Hot Cakes. Breakfast of Champions. Champions, who nap after breakfast.



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