An adventure with discount fish

A snow storm was coming, I had prepared myself for the battle that awaited inside of the crowded grocery store. Where I come from, when it snows, you stock up. Last time it snowed, we weren’t able to leave the house for 6 days. I actually look forward to the solitude. I am able to work from home during bad weather, so instead of breakfast cereal and chaotic slop dinner, I actually get to take my time in the kitchen. I like to take this time to cook new things, enter: discount flounder.

I am a sucker for a sales tag and a huge bag of frozen fish fillets for $5.99 was no exception. I am pretty picky about my fish, I don’t like anything too fishy, and I really only have one or two ways I usually cook it. I tend to stick to tilapia, but this flounder was white and cheap and came home with us.

I’ve had flounder from restaurants, many ways, but after deliberating and scanning a google search, I decided on pan frying, then baking.

This however meant, I would have to find something to coat it. I am a firm believer in not being wasteful, enter: stale saltines.

So I treated the fish, to make it as least fishy as possible. This includes:

  1. Thawing the fish
  2. Mashing the excess liquid out of it with a clean cloth
  3. Salting the fish, and repeating step 2.

Then, I brushed it with a beaten egg, and coated it with the crushed saltines.

The hardest part about frying something for me, is leaving it alone. I am the worst for fidgeting with whatever is in the pan. But I set my time this time, and left it alone on both sides for 2 minutes.Then baked it at 400ºf for another 8 minutes.

And I have to say it wasn’t bad! Paired with one of my favorites: butter herb orzo, and skinny green beans, everyone was happy, including my budget. The key to this discount adventure, was taking my time. Properly treating the fish, and making the most of pantry made this a success.

Have any tips or tricks for me? I’d love to hear them. Comments and advice welcome below!





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